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BA (Hons.) Psychology or Bachelor of Arts(Hons.) Psychology is an undergraduate 3-year duration full time course that focuses on the study of behavioral and mental functions of human beings. The course includes subjects like Biopsychology, Psychology of Individual Differences, Social Psychology, Counseling Psychology etc. Candidates who have acquired Intermediate or 10+2 or an equivalent examination with a minimum of 60% marks in any stream from a recognized board are eligible for BA Hons Psychology course. The average fees for this course range between INR 2,000 to 25 Lakhs. Man is becoming more and more engrossed in stressful life which in the long run makes way for depression, illness and complicated relationships. Thus, psychologists can find a lot of opportunities that offer great job satisfaction, career growth, and personal growth in welfare organizations, rehabs, NGOs, hospitals, etc. The average salary for these graduates ranges between INR 3 to 12 lakhs per annum as per the expertise and their experience in this field. BA (Hons.) Psychology: Entrance Exams Some colleges conduct common entrance exam. Some of the common entrance exams are: 1) IGNOU 2) TISS BAT 3) IPU BA 4) GPAT BA (Hons.) Psychology: Job Profiles Some of the most common job profiles that a BA (Hons.) Psychology graduates are listed below: • Clinical Psychologist • Counselling Psychologist • Educational psychologist • Forensic psychologist • Health physiologist • High-Intensity therapist • Occupational psychologist • Sport psychologist • Child psychologist • Psychology Instructor • Teacher/Professor • Psychologist Some of Top recruiting areas are Hospitals and Clinics, Therapy Centers, Forensic Labs, Colleges and Universities, Police forces, etc.
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