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PhD Geography or Doctor of Philosophy in Geography is a full time research-based doctoral level course of 3 years duration Which is divided into six semester of six month each. PhD in Geography course that deals with the study of land, features, inhabitants and phenomena of Earth and planets. Let us tell you that in this course, students do research on any one topic related to geography i.e. Geography. The basic eligibility for this course is completing Post Graduation in Geography from a recognized university. Though minimum marks required vary from college to college, most of the reputed colleges demand minimum 55% marks in their masters’ degree and a minimum of 60% marks in their graduation. Admission in PhD Course is done by entrance test. However, some colleges also offer admission based on merit. PhD Geography includes subjects like Geomorphology, Oceanography, Geography of Transport & Trade, Biogeography, Political Geography etc. The candidates will have to research on any one of the topics of their choice and submit the thesis. After completing this course, the candidates can find jobs as Water Conservation specialist, Geomorphologist, Geospatial analyst, Hydrologist, Oceanographer, Geographer, Professor, Teachers, etc. PhD Geography Entrance Exams Some of the top Entrance Exams for admission to PhD Geography are mention below. * Exams - Conducting Body * GATE - IIT Council * UGC-NET - NTA * CSIR UGC NET - NTA * Symbiosis PhD Entrance Exam - Symbiosis International * JNU PhD Entrance Exam - JNU PhD Geography : Job Profiles and Career Options The scope of Geography is very wide, people with a fairly good knowledge of geography are required by the meteorological department & other departments related to predicting the climate & weather conditions. People after gaining a master in PhD degree can also serve as teachers in distinguished institutes.The average starting salary after completing this course generally lies between INR 4,00,000 to INR 8,00,000 depending on the skills of the candidates. Some of the job options available for Ph.D. Geography graduates are mention below: * Geographical Information System Officer * Environmental Consultant * Cartographer * Nature Conservation Officer * Human Resources Specialist PhD Geography : Top recruiting areas * Businesses * Community * Social & Personal Service * Diplomacy * Publishing Houses * Geography Departments * Health & Social Work * Divinity * Hotels & Restaurants * Insurance Industry * Public Service * Research * Public Administration * Retail Sector Student Affairs * Teaching etc.
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