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PHD in Genetics is a 3 Year Doctorate Course after Postgraduate and Undergraduate Program.The PhD Genetics and Plant Breeding Course deals with the Study editing, Structuring and analysis of the genetics structuring and analysis of the genetics Structure of life forms as an Application of Biotechnology and it also provides student with in depth knowledge and skills about plant genetics and breeding. The Curriculum also links the Context of a plant's life cycle from its growth to the stage of development.The course aims at building on the knowledge and skill base that student has developed at Bachelor’s and Master’s level by involving the student in research and practical work. Job Positions for PHD in Genetics and Plant Breeding. Plant Breeder Assistant Officer Researcher Managing Officer Cytogeneticist. Job Requiters for PHD in Genetics and Plant Breeding. Plant Breeding Centers Universities Research Center Tissue Cultural Labs Farm Enclosure Nurseries. Some Entrance Exam for take admission in University. ICAR LPUNEST CSJMU etc.
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