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Doctor of Philosophy in Biomedical Engineering is a doctoral level full time degree course. Duration of this course three years which is divided into six semester. The PhD in Biomedical Engineering course primarily involves the application of engineering principles and methods to define and solve problems in medicine and biology. Biomedical engineering primarily focuses on advances that improve human health and health care at all levels. This course will provide you with knowledge and skills related to artificial organs, surgical robots, advanced prosthetics, design and development of new pharmaceutical drugs. Along with this also goes about kidney dialysis. The minimum eligibility criteria to be eligible to pursue this program is a postgraduate degree in Biomedical Engineering. Admission to this course will be done on the basis of counseling after clearing entrance tests like GATE and other depending on the colleges. PhD Biomedical Engineering degree holders can work as an Analytical Chemist, Toxicologist, Healthcare Scientist etc. in various industries such as Drug Manufacturing, Industrial Laboratories, Health Entities etc. The average salary offered to a degree holder in PhD Biomedical Engineering is around INR 4,00,000 to INR 11,00,000, but this can be higher on the basis of experience and other factors. PhD Biomedical Engineering Entrance Exams There are many national and state-level entrance exams to appear for the admission into PhD Biomedical Engineering program. Colleges like IITs and NITs offer PhD Biomedical Engineering programs that require their candidates to sit for GATE examination. Listed below are some of these popular PhD Biomedical Engineering entrance exams. 1) GATE : Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) is a national-level exam conducted jointly by the Indian Institute of Science (IISc), and IIT Council. 2) AP EAMCET: AP EAMCET is the state-level entrance examination held separately in the states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. 3) CSIR-UGC-NET : CSIR UGC NET is conducted by National Testing Agency PhD Biomedical Engineering : Job Prospects and Career Options PhD degree is a doctorate level degree and is the highest educational degree one can earn in the country. Generally one does not pursue further studies post completion of the PhD Biomedical degree. After completing a degree in this field, a candidate can get a variety of jobs to choose from. It will be easy for them to work for the government and private organizations and many other sectors. They can also choose to teach as a professor or a lecturer in colleges or universities. They have many jobs in hospitals, medical equipment manufacturing units, industrial firms, educational and medical institutions, pharmaceuticals, government regulatory agencies, and so on. Following is a list of some of the most frequent PhD Biomedical Engineering job profiles * Clinical Scientist * Biotechnologist * Chemist * Research Scientist * Pharmaceutical Sales Representative * Biomedical Scientist * Healthcare Scientist * Clinical Biomedical Engineering * Clinical Research Associate * Forensic Scientist * Physician Associate * Scientific Laboratory Technician * Toxicologist etc. Area of Employment in PhD Biomedical Engineering * Public Health Entities * Educational Institutes * Environmental Pollution Control * Drug Manufacturing Companies * Hospitals * Blood Service * Industrial Laboratories * Cancer Research Institutes * Research Departments * Agriculture and Fisheries * Forensic Science * Public Health Laboratories * Cosmetic Industries, etc. Top Recruiting Companies for PhD Biomedical Engineering * Wipro Biomedical * BPL Healthcare * Instromedix Pvt. Ltd * EMCO Medical Pvt. Ltd * Biomedics * Medex India Ltd * Ranbaxy Diagnostics

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