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Forensic Science

diploma in forensic science is a 1 Year Diploma course.Forensic Science is an interdisciplinary field of science, which is made up of all the disciplines of science i.e. chemistry, biology, physics and mathematics. Forensic science examines evidence found in crimes using scientific principles.They examine evidence through innovative techniques to help get to the root of the incident and nab the culprits.The basic eligibility criteria to pursue a Diploma in Forensic Science is passing class 12th, however some courses require graduation or a degree in law. Career Scope for Diploma in forensic science. Crime Scene Examiner Forensic Pathologist Crime Laboratory Analyst Forensic IT Specialist Forensic Psychologist Cyber Consultant Network Administrator Forensic Medical Examiner etc. Top Requiters for Diploma in forensic science. Accenture Brand Protectors India Pvt Ltd Arete Incident Response Deloitte Nokia etc.

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