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Data Science

PG Diploma in data science is a 10 months- 2 years duration course.Data science is the study of data, including algorithms, principles of machine learning, and many other tools.It is used to record, collect and analyze data to obtain important and useful information. Data scientists extract and examine data from a wide range of sources such as log files, social media, sensors, customer transactions.A PG Diploma in data science provides a faster path to complete a qualification, less financial investment than a college degree, and enter the workforce than a bachelors’ or master’s degree in Data Science. Career Scope for Diploma in Data Science. Business Intelligence Analyst Database Administrator Statistician Data Analyst Data Scientist Data engineer etc. Requiters for Diploma in Data Science. Google Amazon ICICI Bank Accenture Consulting Kotak Mahindra Axis Bank LinkedIn Snapdeal Facebook etc.

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